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LiveLab Studios

Welcome to LiveLab Studios.

This is where we make it happen.


Pilot Factory

LiveLab Pilot Factory

Have an idea? Try out the Pilot Factory for some rapid prototyping and development of branded material. Produce shows, campaigns and content with expert guidance from our award-winning filmmakers and project strategists to discover what’s optimal for your brand.​


LiveLab Experience

LiveLab Experience

Stream fresh and engaging new content live to the web out of our LiveLab Experience studio. Optimize your content effectiveness with the Love Index™, a data system that provides unique insight into brand affinity and engagement.


LiveLab Custom

LiveLab Custom

We work with you to design and construct a custom LiveLab space fine-tuned to your branding needs. It’s your arena to take social engagement and interaction to the next level, and grow your brand accordingly.

LiveLab Custom


Imagination Arts Lab

A place in which ordinary people create extraordinary things.  The imagination arts lab provides fertile ground in which designers, storytellers, and visionaries can combine talents and watch their ideas grow.

For more information on the radically efficient LiveLab experiential
content method, simply click here and shoot us an email or call 773.935.6822
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