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What do blinged-out animals, babies of questionable intent, mall-twerking and freak accidents have in common? They’ve all been recorded, organized and dumped in the series of tubes colloquially known as “The Internet.” And you get to watch!

YouTrend is a new show that delves into the “why” behind “ohmygod why did you think jumping off a garage roof into a kiddy pool was a good idea” — and brings you up close and personal with the megastars stars of Youtube. So kick back, relax, and let the 1080p HD (or 720, 480, even 360p if you’re having network problems) wash over you — you might learn something (if you don't we suggest watching Charlie Bit My Finger for the 42nd time, that baby has lessons for us all).

If you are interested in an integrated partnership, sponsorship, or other involvement with this program, let's talk.

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